Tommy Adaptive

By: Sophia Carrai

The brand and clothing store Tommy Hilfiger has introduced a new 2018 spring clothing line called “Tommy Adaptive.” The line came out just last week and is designed to accommodate the one in five Americans with disabilities. The intention of the new spring line is to provide fashionable clothes, in the classic Tommy colors, that make getting dressed easier. Men’s pants, for example, have velcro and magnets instead of zippers and buttons, while women’s dresses have magnetic closures at the shoulder for those with limited mobility. The line also includes pants with adjustable hems to accommodate for leg braces, orthopedic devices, or height differences. The jackets have one handed zippers and double plackets for seated wear. Despite the modifications the clothes still look similar to the designers main line.

“Inclusivity and the democratization of fashion have always been at the core of our brand’s DNA,” Hilfiger’s website said. “Tommy Adaptive continues to build on that vision by empowering people to express themselves through fashion,” they added.

The clothing line is modeled by a diverse group of people with a variety of different disabilities, showcasing the line’s inclusivity. The models include 18- year-old autistic chef Jeremiah Josey, blogger and motivational speaker Mama Cax (who has a prosthetic leg), Paralympic gold medalist Jeremy Campbell, and many more.

This spring line is not Tommy Hilfiger’s first adaptive line. The clothing brand came out with an adaptive children’s line in 2016 and later expanded to adults after taking feedback from the general public. Now,  their new 2018 spring line is available for purchase online on their website.


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