Another Use for Condoms?

By: Nissa Schlossberg

Another viral challenge has come to light as teenagers post videos of themselves snorting condoms. Social media dares seem to have become more common and usually have a trend of involving a risk factor.

This new “condom-snorting challenge” is the newest Youtube trend. Videos feature kids snorting condoms through their nose and pulling them back out of their mouths. While this challenge has only recently come into the social media and news spotlight, according to The Washington Post, it has been happening since 2007, and reports of people accidentally inhaling condoms have dated back to early 2004.

One issue with this challenge, although there are many, is the risk involved — it is very easy for a condom to get stuck in your nose or throat, which could end up blocking your air supply and making you choke. Bruce Lee, an associate professor with John-Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, suggests the only thing you snort is air.

These viral trends have been circulating the media for a while and have included both positive and controversial dares. From videos of teenagers being doused in rubbing alcohol and setting themselves on fire, to challenging each other to bite directly into a Tide pod laundry detergent, the possibilities are endless for how far teenagers will go for views.

One viral challenge that made a positive impact on the community, however, was the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Not only did it raise awareness to the disease, but it also spurred an increase for the research budget of the ALS Association. The Ice Bucket Challenge went viral in the summer of 2014 and was re-introduced in later summers. The challenge shows a bucket of ice-water being dumped over someone’s head, who then has to nominate someone else. If that person then fails to complete the challenge in the next 24 hours, they have to forfeit by giving a charitable donation to the ALS Association.

Viral dares and challenges have been a trend for many years all throughout social media, but seem to have recently integrated danger as one of their factors. So before you think about snorting a condom up your nose, consider the pros and cons, and more importantly, the reasons for partaking in something as unnecessary as this challenge.


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