Undefeated Girls Swim team

By: Sophie Pierce

Winning districts one time can be seen as a stroke of good luck, but two years in a row is an indication of hard work and perseverance on behalf of the South Eugene women’s swim team. After defeating seven schools at seven different dual meets, the women’s swim team has come out on top and is a competitive force heading into the 2018 districts at Willamalane. Since the women’s team was able to keep up the winning streak, it is be their second consecutive impressive victory.

The biggest competitors of this season were predicted to be North Eugene and Sheldon, ultimately due to their numbers, less to do with their times.

The swimmers to watch this year included sophomore Mia Saenger, who placed first  in the 100 backstroke and 200; freshman Sophia Carrai, who placed first in her 100 freestyle; and 50 freestyle, and senior Hannah Brandow, who placed fourth in the 100 butterfly.

Every swimmer had a different routine they worked at to improve their times and to keep them in a healthy, competitive mental state. Half the battle was consistent training and a balanced diet, while the other half was mentally envisioning and preparing for the upcoming race.

“I had been doing extra training at the gym with weights and adding more cardio to my routine,” Carrai said. “And I tried to remind myself that I’ve raced these girls at club meets and beat them there, so I can beat them [at districts].”

Districts was not won by one or two people, but rather a team effort. The South Eugene women’s team had all been training hard to beat their personal PR’s in hopes of positively contributing to the score at the end of the day. With the cohesive support and teamwork of the entire team we lead the Axeman swim team to another victory.  


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