South Women Lead Training Bra Monologues

By: Noshin Rahman

On Feb. 11, the Ophelia’s Place Youth Group, Women’s Advisory Council for Youth (WACY), hosted their annual Training Bra-Monologue. WACY is a girl-led, youth leadership group out of Ophelia’s Place, an organization that supports the community by focusing on feminist issues and fundraising.

“WACY is a group of young women who organize events and fundraisers to support organizations in the community,” senior Lily Butler said. “In the past, we have had a Mother’s Day tea open to the public, a feminine hygiene products drive, and our favorite event is the Training Bra Monologue, which was inspired by the Vagina Monologues. The Training Bra Monologue started three years ago, and it is a collection of musical and prose performance by women about our experiences being young women.”

This year, the event was a huge success, as the number of attendees was doubled from last year.

“Our event was very successful. We had the biggest turnout ever with a hundred people. If you ever have been to Ophelia’s Place, it is not a huge place, and the whole room was packed. At the Training Bra-Monologue, with approximately 100 people in attendance, more than $500 was raised for Sexual Assault Support Services (SASS) through raffles and an auction,” Butler said.

Their program is always near Valentine’s Day to raise awareness for an international movement.

“Every Valentine’s Day there is an international movement called One Billion Rising. This movement is for raising awareness and stopping sexual assault. To help with global action, we like to raise money for SASS,” Butler said.

Besides having performances and raising money, the event also included representatives from many organizations in Eugene. South’s own Feminist Union tabled at the event to raise awareness for students about the club.

“This year I liked that we had a lot of diverse and exciting tablers. We had SASS tabling, Womanspace, Feminist Union At South, Planned Parenthood, and Dauntless Divas,” Butler said. “I think it was great for people to see and learn more about these organizations. We love being able to showcase them, and it is valuable to learn about those resources.”

Additionally, many people from South are part of WACY, as the organization provides Creativity Activity Service hours for IHS students and leadership opportunities.


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