Snow Coming Back?

By: Matthew Hill

Ever since the snow and ice storms of last year occured, students have been hoping for increasingly more snow days. Over the course of this year, there has only been one school day where it has snowed enough for the schedule to be changed. Unfortunately, much to the chagrin of 4J students, we were one of the only Lane County school districts to have school on a 2 hour delay, instead of closing it entirely for the day. Feedback to this information was almost completely unfavorable. Some students and parents voiced concerns that the 4J school district was being hypocritical in saying that they care about their students, when they’re requiring the same students to go through the snow, possibly resulting in an accident on the road just to avoid getting behind schedule in school.

However, the snow just might be returning. According to many different meteorologists, snow is possibly returning on March 24. While snow can be pretty fun, we will not lose any school days due to the snow that might occur this Saturday, as spring break is next week. The only way we would lose school is to get another snow storm after spring break, or if the snow somehow stayed on the ground for over a week.

While the snow might happen, it would hardly be a cause for celebration. The high for Saturday is estimated to be in the high 40s or low 50s, ensuring the snow would quickly melt away. Right now, we can only hope for the snow to be more frequent. But even if that happens, 4J might just give us a 2-hour delay again.


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