News you might have missed: Fight in Springfield

By: Jaelen Hodges

Many people missed a very surprising story about a group of Springfield teenagers that was posted on the Register Guard’s website. Last Sunday at 8:00 PM in Springfield, as most of the city was preparing for bed, two groups of teenage girls met up in a church parking lot to fight over “disrespecting each other” on social media, according to police Lieutenant Scott McKee. The two groups had agreed to meet up by the Eastside Baptist Church after one girl reportedly received threatening messages on social media: the final straw in mounting tensions between the two groups. By the end of the fight, nine children had gotten involved, and the ages of the children ranged from 9 to 15. The two groups of girls — three or four on each side — both brought boys with them without telling the other side. The boys reportedly waited to get involved until after the girls began to start pushing and shoving each other.
No guns were used in the fight, but the police say that multiple weapons were involved. One such weapon, a crow-bar, was brought to the fight by a 12 year old girl. One of the boys brought a knife; a tire-iron and baseball bat were also involved.
The mother of one of the girls involved was walking nearby with her sons, aged 9 and 10, and was alerted to the fight by the commotion. She ran over with her sons to stop the fight, but her sons ended up getting involved in the fight, and the mother was hit in the head with an unidentified object in the chaos. Her youngest son handed her a baseball bat he had found in the commotion, and she had it in her hand while trying to break up the fight.
The boy with the knife was chased down and tackled by two other boys. One of the boys — a 14-year-old —who was doing the tackling landed on the knife and suffered a small cut to his “pelvic region” that required stitches.
“The children involved were charged with rioting,” McKee said. They were cited and released to their parents, however officers suspect there was more children involved who fled the scene. Anyone who has information on the fight should contact police.


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