Exploding Packages

By: Nissa Schlossberg

On March 2, the first of several bombs disguised as packages exploded in Texas. Two people have died, and four have been reported injured. Three bombs were packaged and left on the doorsteps of people’s homes, one was left on the side of a road, and the last was delivered to a FedEx center in Austin. The bombs that were delivered to homes are believed to have been hand-delivered, rather than by a delivery service, and authorities believe that all of the bombings are connected.

According to CNN and The New York Times, authorities have not discovered a motive for these bomb attacks, but they are not ruling out the possibility of these attacks being a hate crime. The three packages delivered to homes injured or killed three African American people and one Hispanic person. In fact, the explosions occurred in areas that predominantly house minority residents, and many expressed concern that the attacks were racially motivated. However, the fourth bomb was different than the previous pattern, as it was triggered by a tripwire in a primarily white area. Two men were injured, but are now recovering in an Austin hospital.

Police were able to track down the serial bomber by watching surveillance footage from a FedEx center near Austin. The video showed a man in disguise dropping off packages and then getting into a red Mazda truck. The car did not have a license plate, but authorities sifted through all of the recorded vehicles with the same make and model in the area. The information they found led them to a suspect: Mark Conditt.

Authorities interviewed Conditt’s neighbors and family, but gathered no information to lead them to believe they knew anything about the bombings. Authorities also interviewed both of Conditt’s roommates, dismissing one but questioning the other further.

Officers were able to locate Conditt’s vehicle and followed him until the suspect stopped his car in a ditch off of a main Interstate. Police approached Conditt on foot but he detonated one of his own bombs before officers could reach him. Conditt was killed, and one officer was slightly injured. Authorities do not know if more people were apart of the serial bombing and have not uncovered his motives.


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