Women’s Lacrosse Expected to Kick Axe This Season

By: Zoe Pringle

With the help of a new coach, women’s lacrosse has taken off last year and is looking forward to the coming up season.

Lacrosse is a team sport in which 12 players on each team work to get the ball into the other team’s goal by passing and cradling it with sticks. While men’s lacrosse is a contact sport, meaning they can check (essentially pummel into) each other and have to wear pads, women’s lacrosse is lower contact and only requires mouth guards and goggles.

Women’s lacrosse at South is coached by Christina Silva, who started as an assistant coach in 2016 , the first year South had its own women’s team, and has been head coach ever since.  The team finished second in their league and thirteenth in the state in their inaugural season, after starting out at 37 in state. Before 2017, Churchill students and South students played on one team, under the South name.

“I think this year will be just as successful,” senior defense player Tabitha Skornik-Hayes said. “Our coach, Christina Silva, was last year’s coach of the year, and we have a solid group of upperclassmen ready to lead the team, along with a lot of new players who are developing really well and will have a positive impact on the team.”

This year, the team is not funded by South, but instead by individual or company sponsors. Three captains are chosen each year through the democratic process of voting, but the 2018 captains have not yet been chosen. The season starts in early March, with the first practice on Feb. 26.


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