The New Coach of the Struggling South Eugene High School’s Girls Varsity Team, Don Brown

By: Jimmy Wang

South’s women’s varsity basketball team has struggled to find consistency for a few years now. This year, they hope to turn things around with a new coach, Don Brown.

Brown was hired for the position prior to the 2017-18 season.

Brown has a long background of coaching basketball, and has climbed the ladder to his current position.

“I’ve been coaching basketball since 1987,” Brown said. “Grade school, middle school, and just previous to this job, freshman boys at South.”

Brown believes the effects of coaching and athletics extends beyond just the game.

“I enjoy coaching because the honor associated with teaching young folks to believe in themselves is significant and helps build a successful program,” he said. “I want to help these kids create fond memories of players, loved ones, and fans.”

So far, the women’s basketball team has already improved. To date, their record is 6-6, ranked 25 out of 51. Brown sees this as a chance to grow as underdogs and become a better team.

“We own a recent history of low-ranking and last or near-last place league finishes,” Brown said, “so we have a lot of room to grow.”

In 2016-17, the women’s team finished 5-17, ranked No. 44. In 2015-16, they finished 4-20, ranked No. 37. In 2014-13, they finished 5-20, ranked 37. From here on out, it is only going to get more difficult as the women’s varsity team heads into matchups within one of the most difficult conferences in the state.

“With four top teams in our conference, it is only going to get tougher. Currently, no other conference is stronger in this regard,” Brown said.

Since the start of the season, South’s women’s varsity team has improved 20 spots, putting them at rank No. 25 in the OSAA. Even so, they are still seen as underdogs.

Brown plans on changing the course of South’s women’s basketball history by implementing new strategies. In order to improve his team, Brown plans to focus on “defense and the law of attraction.”


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