Fossil Free Fast: The Climate Resistance

By: Zoe Pringle

On Jan. 31, the night after the State of the Union address by President Donald Trump, Fossil Free USA hosted Fossil Free Fast: The Climate Resistance in Washington D.C. Packed in a large auditorium, speakers, including Sen. Bernie Sanders and Bill McKibben (co-founder of, outlined a clear path for climate resistance leading up to the year 2020. The event was partnered with organizations such as, NAACP and MoveOn, along with 21 other organizations.

The organization,, fights against climate change by adopting various projects, such as Fossil Free USA. During the event, three pillars of the Fossil Free Fast movement were outlined: a fast and just transition to 100 percent renewables, no new fossil fuel projects and not a penny more for dirty energy. So far 56 cities and six counties in the U.S. have agreed to go 100 percent renewable. Thousands of towns and cities have not yet agreed, which is what Fossil Free USA and partnering organizations are aiming to change.

This year, the world has faced a historic year of natural disasters, from the hurricanes affecting Houston, Tex., and Puerto Rico, to the California wildfires. Trump has not addressed climate change and has no plans to stabilize our climate, reduce coal emissions, or implement clean energy. Instead he has rolled back climate and environmental protections. As expected, he did not address climate change in his State of the Union address either.

350 EUG, Eugene’s branch off of, hosted a live watch party at Whirled Pies the night of the event. Three-hundred watch parties globally were also reported for the event.


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