Diversity Unions Speak at MLK Assembly

By: Noshin Rahman

On Jan. 26, Black Student Union, Asian Student Union, Latinx Student Union, Gender Sexuality Alliance and Feminist Unions gave powerful presentations to encourage students to not only join their union but also for the student body to have more conservations. It is a tradition at South to have an annual Martin Luther King Jr Assembly to showcase student unions at South. Although the assembly was canceled last year to due to lack of coordination and emphasis, this year the administration focused on generating more participation in unions by creating the Steps for Change Assembly. Each affinity union had a 6-7 minute window to talk about their club, the issues they are working on, and the topics of potential forums.

“I love the idea of the assembly, but this assembly barley happened at South. I think the assembly was a step toward some change,” senior Kasturi Patel, co-president of Black Student Union said. “Diversity in Bloom and the diversity unions were pretty successful, and I heard good things about them. I think Black Student Union got their message across and many students felt it was impactful.”

After the assembly, with help from the administration, the student unions will lead forums to discuss relevant issues and plan changes for the school.

“We will be working with other affinity groups to plan workshops and forums. We hope that students come to the forum and discuss topics that people find unforgettable, such as microaggressions, sexual harassment and much more. I think that would bring a positive change,” Patel said.

“I hope from these assemblies people realize that conversations are difficult and we want to talk about them to create a better environment for everyone. Students should come to the forums and join the many student unions that we have here at South,” Asian Student Union and Black Student Union member Anahi Calderon-Arceo said. “For me, through diversity unions, I met a lot of people and learned a lot about other people’s culture and backgrounds.”

Watch for the many events that will happen this year as part of the school-sponsored Steps For Change program.


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