Can Net Neutrality be Saved?

By: Sophia Carrai

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to repeal net neutrality on Dec. 14. Why then have we not seen any of the effects of the repeal in our daily lives yet? Demand Progress, an organization that is still fighting to keep net neutrality alive, says the reason we still have not seen the effects of the repeal is because there are 60 legislative days – which can take four to six months – to overturn a rule issued by a federal agency with a “resolution of disapproval.” Additionally, since it is not subject to the filibuster, it can pass the Senate with just 51 votes.

According to Demand Progress, “they will introduce a resolution to overturn the FCC vote, and 29 senators have signed on in support.”

In the Senate, the overwhelming majority of the 48 Democrats made it clear they oppose what the FCC did,” David Segal of Demand Progress said. “Then there’s Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine, who wrote a letter to Ajit Pai urging him to cancel the vote and preserve net neutrality rules. If we can hold all the Democrats in line and keep Collins we’re at 50 votes.” This means that since it can pass with only 51 votes, Demand Progress just needs to flip one more Republican.

Yet, Segal warns on accepting anything less than the full Open Internet Order.

We’re pushing for the CRA to overturn the FCC’s repeal vote entirely. Defenders of the open internet should be on guard against fake ‘compromise’ legislation that would just cement bad rules in place permanently” Segal said.

Although success might be within arms reach, Segal and Demand Progress emphasize that without “the dedicated activism and support of internet users,” they will not be able to win.

“It will be critical that every lawmaker hears a deafening roar from their constituents to know they must ignore the Big Cable lobbyists and vote with their constituents. As always, you can contact your member of Congress through BattleForTheNet.command promote the site to your networks.” This, Segal stated, will help push congress members to vote in favor of net neutrality and ignore the lobbyists.


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