New Year Resolutions

By: Sophia Carrai

January has rolled around and everyone is buzzing with ambition to complete their New Year’s resolutions. Some are on track, while others do not even see the light of day. So how do students keep their resolutions and what are some good ones to have?

Rupa Stein is a senior who has been setting New Year’s resolutions for the past few years. In the past, Stein’s resolutions have been to eat better or make friends. However, this year her resolutions are different.

“I want to use my phone less and just be more active in life around me.” Stein said

Erin Keeney, a freshman, has other goals she wants to accomplish this year.

“I just want to procrastinate less. I’m going to do my work efficiently and as soon as it is assigned,” Keeney said.

Yet other students stick with the same old plans. Freshman Nora Sherman has not changed her resolutions in a couple of years.

“I’ve set kind of the same ones I do every year: to eat healthy and exercise more. This year, I’m trying to think more about staying motivated with those goals,” said Sherman.

Stein also shared that, to her, New Year’s resolutions do not have to be necessarily completed in one year.

“It took me a few years but I did still finish them..late, but I did it,” Stein said.

Despite their differing goals for this year, all the students have something in common: Stein’s, Keeney’s and Sherman’s shared secret to accomplishing their resolutions, even if they take a few years, is to choose something realistic.

“Choose goals that are clear and easily measurable,” Sherman said.  

“It helps to start with small changes and begin to form habits, and eventually it turns into your routine.” Keeney said.

Goals are an important part of the path to becoming your best self and New Year’s is the best time for you and your friends to set them.


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