Secret Snowflakes

By: Alyssa Gao

The last week of school before winter break is upon us, bringing with its many festive activities. Among these are the themed Axe of Kindness days, a movie night and the annual food drive. This year, South’s Student Government is also selling secret snowflakes. Established during the 2016-17 school year by the sophomore Student Government, the secret snowflakes program allows students to buy paper snowflakes on which they can write messages to their friends, provided they know the recipient’s third period.

“Secret snowflakes are an exciting way to help strengthen friendships in our school and create a kind atmosphere,” senior class Senator Sheena Huang said.

Snowflakes are available for purchase in the main hall for $1 each and students can attach a piece of candy for an additional 50 cents. This pricing was adopted from that of the Valograms students can purchase and send out in February, following a similar idea of students sending nice messages to their friends that will be delivered on or around Valentine’s Day. While the money generated from Valograms goes toward supporting the Axe Pageant, proceeds from secret snowflakes contribute to the Axemen Angels program.

For the secret snowflakes, delivery of these messages has traditionally been carried out by festively-costumed Student Government representatives, providing more entertainment for recipients of secret snowflakes. For instance, ASB President Zac Shakespear is rumored to be transporting the snowflakes while dressed as the conductor from “The Polar Express”. This year, Student Government will deliver the snowflakes during third period on Thursday, Dec. 14.

As delivery is on Thursday, if you would like to purchase a secret snowflake, be sure to do so by tomorrow. Student Government representatives will be selling them before school, during lunch and after school.


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