The Second Coming of Homecoming

By: Matthew Hill

High school has been an important part of many people’s lives for an incredibly long time. For most, it is the last time for them to connect and spend time with many of their friends. While many people see high school as annoying and unimportant, there are many different events to get students to see the school in a different way. The most imminent events here at South are Homecoming and Spirit Week. Homecoming and Spirit Week are seen by many as the first big school events to happen, and have been received incredibly well for as long as they have been happening. But what do the various staff members and students of South Eugene High School think about homecoming and spirit week?

Danielle Glenzel, a health and P.E. teacher, is very enthusiastic and happy with the way that Homecoming and Spirit Week is being done.

“I think the last year or two has been such an improvement,” Glenzel said.

To many teachers and students at SEHS, the Homecoming assembly and Spirit Week are great ways for the whole school to get together and generate a sense of community.

“It’s much more about having fun and being part of something,” Glenzel said. “And it’s not just the same old kids, it’s a larger cross section of kids. There are more than two groups at South. You have to start engaging everybody.”

Homecoming to Danielle, and many other staff members and students, is a big part of life in high school.

“Homecoming is not just about pajama day. Homecoming is about everyone coming home for a game, and coming home to celebrate fall with their friends. And so, I think we’re getting closer to old traditions like that.”

Chad Kessler, the new adviser of Student Government, also had thoughts regarding the evolution of Homecoming and Spirit Week.

“What I see happening now is super exciting, thanks in part to the turn of new administration,” Kessler said. “Andy Dey has been fantastic. Now enter Heather Stein and Tia, and we have this trifecta of people that have great vision and have really created energy. There are a couple of events that have changed or have been added, and one of those was the hallway decorations, brought to us for the first time last year. It was a huge hit. Heather Stein deserves all of the credit.”

“I think we are capturing the idea that this is a pretty darn special campus,” Kessler said. “We have so many things to be grateful for and appreciative of and we have so many different ways that we can express our gratitude towards each other’s differences and our interests. We’re also gonna have some fun activities throughout the week just flex our spirit, so I’m looking forward to it.”

The Homecoming assembly and football game will happen on Sept. 29, and the Homecoming dance happens Saturday, Sept. 30. Spirit Week is taking place now, from Sept. 25-29.


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