Artist Showcase: Musicians At South

By: Richard Lathrop

South Eugene has a thriving arts scene, with a diverse range of artists in every field, from drawing and painting, to theater and debate. In this new series, we will be highlighting three South Eugene artists each month. Today, our focus is on three musicians of various backgrounds.

Cameron Kirk-Lutcher, a senior at South, started rapping because of his “love of music, especially hip hop, and passion for writing.”

“Attending South & pursing music has inspired me to do what I want with my life and spread that message to everyone around me,” Lutcher said. “The current state of things [at South and in Eugene] are addressed and discussed in my music.”

This spans from local to universal. Lutcher regularly collaborates with local producers and rappers on tracks, adding an extra level of local authenticity to his music. Talking about the future of his music career, Lutcher tells me he plans on “further development on every level and capturing who [he is] as [he] finds [himself].”

You can find Lutcher on SoundCloud here.

Alden McWayne is a junior at South and a jazz drummer with the Wes Georgiev Trio.

“I got into music playing clarinet in middle school band class, and then playing drums with my brother, Dana, who plays sax,” said McWayne. Quoting various inspirations from jazz artists such as John Coltrane, to hip hop artists like Chance The Rapper, and even Latin artists like The Buena Vista Social Club, McWayne comes from a vast musical background.

As for how South inspires his music, McWayne explained that Doug Doerfert, the South band teacher, inspires him as “he really loves the music and pushing students, like me, to become better musicians.” In the coming year, McWayne plans to “[practice] hard, [play] gigs with friends, and study at a jazz school in the Northwest.”

You can find Alden’s music on YouTube here.

Declan McClelland is a junior at South who regularly releases tracks ranging from R&B to `90s hip hop.

“I was listening to a lot of music by this guy HOME in freshman year, and I thought it was the coolest stuff I’d heard,” McClelland said. “So I downloaded Ableton [a music production software] and bought a cheap $30 tape machine.”

As for South inspiring his music career, McClelland has been “rather quiet music-wise” until recently. Instead of drawing inspiration from around the halls, he prefers to draw from the quirkiness of Eugene’s atmosphere.

“Eugene’s chill and dreary vibes seep their way into a lot of my music,” McClelland said. “Our local culture is a big part of my music, especially other local producers. One of my favorites is Khai Duong, and this guy ‘not’ on SoundCloud. He’s always incorporating weird samples and synths into his beats. It’s sick.”

As for future plans, McClelland confided that he plans to “delete [his] soundcloud and die.”

You can find him on Soundcloud here.


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