Axemen Angels

By: Sophie Pierce


Many families within the South Eugene community are in need of simple things such as school supplies or new clothes. Cue the Axe Angels, brainchild of South office manager Trista Neuman, and a program that caters to these exact needs.

“There is a lot of support for elementary-aged students, but high schools tend to be overlooked. I wanted to change that,” Neuman said.

A brand new initiative that originally encompassed only the holiday season, it has since gained traction with Student Government, South teachers, and the extended community.

South teacher Joel Kuiper has partnered with the Angels to start a food pantry operating out of the Axe Shop offering food boxes to students in need. Kuiper’s class volunteered to help regulate and stock the pantry, and the Unity Fellowship Church has donated storage shelves and a large portion of the food available.

Students can help by donating food, clothes, shoes, and other items.


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