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By: Griffin Coleman

Running can be painful – plain and simple. The majority of student athletes endure the awful experience of running as a punishment for making mistakes in their respective sports. However, those who do enjoy running do it nearly every day, and a new YouTube channel called “Axe Running” was created to give non-runners an inside view of what it is like to be a long distance runner at South Eugene. Though it has just 12 subscribers as of now, the channel is thriving nonetheless.

The “Axe Running” channel was started by three South distance runners: Vince Huynh-Watkins, Spencer Tsai, and Mason Wegener.

“We were inspired by Spencer Brown of Georgetown, and we started it to show how the distance boys train and race,” Tsai said.

Originally, the channel was called “Axe Daily Running” as the group uploaded a new video blog each day. The channel has since been renamed “Axe Running”, and new videos are uploaded weekly.

Each episode gives a strong insight into what it is like to train as a distance runner, specifically at South. For anyone interested in running, the videos could help them decide whether or not they want to join the team. Every individual episode recaps a few days to a week’s worth of training, including mileage runs, workouts, races, and – most importantly – recovery. Although these videos cannot teach a potential runner how to train, they can show what a typical week for a South distance runner is like from the runner’s point of view.

Currently, filming has been put on pause as school and training workloads have increased for the three runners.

“It’s been kind of tough to fit into my schedule, but I try to work on it when I can,” Huynh-Watkins said. “Right now we’re on a break from filming. But once [track] meets start, I think we can expect to start getting more videos out again.”

Track season starts at the beginning of March, with the first meets coming early on in the season, so viewers should expect to see new episodes soon.


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