The Fox on the Fairway

By: Madeleine Rowell

South Eugene Theater’s latest farce, The Fox On the Fairway by Ken Ludwig, was an absolute knockout production with perfectly-timed comedy and outstanding acting throughout.

U of O student and South alum Alex Lonnquist was asked by our own Pat Avery to direct this year’s winter Little Theater show. Because Lonnquist was unable to direct a show his last year at South, something many seniors in the South Drama Department look forward to, Avery saw this as the perfect opportunity for Lonnquist.

“South Eugene Theater was the highlight of my high school experience,” Lonnquist said. “I was a little nervous at first and unsure about whether I was up to the task because I hadn’t done anything theater-related since my senior year, but I thought it would be a good idea to work with some of the younger actors.”

The Fox on the Fairway was recommended by Avery to Lonnquist, and he liked it so much that it was the only show he read.

“I was looking for a lighthearted, fast-paced comedy,” Lonnquist said.“I read the play and knew it was going to be good.”

South junior Owen Skornik-Hayes played Henry Bingham, who runs the Quail Valley Golf and Country Club in the play. His club has been in a feud with the Crouching Squirrel Golf and Country Club owned by Dickie Bell (played by Eli Brown), to whom they have lost the golf championship five years in a row, much to Bingham’s chagrin.

“It’s been really surreal just to get this experience and go through what so many have gone through before and to have a lead in the Little Theater,” Skornik-Hayes said. “It’s incredible, and I’ve had a blast!”

The show was outstanding to say the least, with many students actually choosing the show over Winter Formal and saying that it was a great decision.

The show left the audience doubled over with laughter throughout the entire show.


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