Super Bowl 50 Doesn’t Quite Live Up to The Hype

By: Griffin Coleman

Despite the annual excitement surrounding the event, this year’s Super Bowl was quite the letdown. An overall dominant performance by the Denver Broncos took away from the excitement, and the lack of electrifying offensive plays also weakened the familiar Super Bowl hysteria. Multiple defensive touchdowns and an unstoppable pass rush by the Broncos slowed offensive production for Carolina and allowed for Denver’s controlled game plan to take full effect. After Denver settled down, Carolina never had a legitimate chance to come back, causing fans to get frustrated and neutral onlookers to yawn and switch channels.

The annual Super Bowl also usually means many fabulously funny commercials, and with an oddly boring game this year, fans were sure the ads would make up for it. Sadly enough, the commercials were also uneventful and lacked humor. A few commercials were decent, but most were just weird. For instance, one of the more badly interesting ads was from Marmot. A man had befriended a marmot, the animal went on adventures with the man, and, in a turn of events, the man leaned in for a kiss. The marmot explained he was not that kind of marmot, or in other words, his gender identification was male. Basically, the company’s commercial was one drawn-out “no homo” joke. Why did you go there, Marmot?

Another horrifying commercial came from Mountain Dew, promoting their relatively new drink Mountain Dew Kickstart. The ad began with a “puppy-monkey-baby” appearing through a wall with a bucket of the promoted drink. The animal was a mix of a pug, a monkey, and a newborn baby. The animal continually chanted “puppy-monkey-baby.” After reading this, one may be intrigued to watch the commercial, but really you shouldn’t because it was scarring. All in all, the Super Bowl commercials were just as uneventful as the Super Bowl itself.

The hype was real for this year’s Super Bowl, but the event did not live up to it. The expectations were not met, as the game was unexciting, and the commercials did not make up for it. We can only hope for a better Super Bowl next year.

  • Matt Hill


    I disagree with everything I read in this article. This is absolutely terrible.

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