By: Sophie Pierce

This year’s Homecoming dance is coming up tomorrow, Oct. 3 from 8 to 11 p.m. The dance has no set theme, but students should make sure they have their dresses, dates, and dinner plans ready for the big night. Tickets are sold ahead of time and at the door of the cafeteria for $8 o r $5 with ASB. Some students are looking forward to the dance as a long-standing high school tradition.

“Homecoming is a great high school experience that everyone should try to go to,” junior Elias Bianchi said. However, not every upperclassmen chose to attend.

“I might go if I get a date, but probably not if I don’t,” junior Liz Scurto said.

“Homecoming is almost 100 percent underclassmen. It’s definitely more of a freshmen event,” junior Leonard Unger said.

Though this may be true now, there is definitely room for change. If more people
– specifically upperclassmen – attended, that would not be the case. However, not every underclassmen is planning on attending.

“I don’t really know when homecoming is, and I haven’t made plans to go, at least not yet,” freshman Kelsey Brown said. Whether Homecoming is your thing or not, it is a fun event that is sure to be a highlight of your year and is definitely worth going to, regardless of what grade you are in.


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