South Eugene Choir Enrollment Skyrockets

By: Logan Hirsch

Last year, a number of monumental opportunities and events arose for South’s many extracurricular programs. One of the most significant of these opportunities was handed to the South Eugene concert choir. Having been invited to New York City by Choirs of America, the concert choir had the opportunity to embark on the trip of a lifetime. Over spring break last year, students enrolled in the choir traveled to the one and only New York City. The occasion? To perform onstage at Carnegie Hall, arguably the most renowned performance hall in the nation.

This year, even without the prospect of a grand New York trip to look forward to, interest in South’s vocal programs has skyrocketed.

“We have a total of 101 students enrolled in concert choir this year, even though we’re not returning to New York,” Chris Dobson, South’s choir teacher, said.

To put that in perspective, in past years the concert choir has had significantly fewer students, with the number of students barely surpassing 70. Last year, 92 students were enrolled in the class and 99 by the time of the trip.


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