Freshman Freakout

By: Venessa Lopez

South Eugene High School is well-known for its academic excellence, underdeveloped school pride, and quirky charm. The school halls are a collage of rainbow colored hair and muddy running shoes. As your time as a student here goes on and you look to beef up your college applications, do not forget that every club you join, sport you play, and class you take throughout the next four years matters. Freshman year most likely has not given you many class choices, but as you get your prerequisite classes out of the way, you will hopefully narrow your interests. I urge you to take advantage of classes that are specific to you, not your social group. This concept is important to realize at the beginning of your high school career because as your junior and senior years roll around, you will feel cramped for time. You will eventually find yourself pacing to the idea of SATs, ACTs, and the despised Smarter Balance test.“It’s a lot of build-up, just so you can acquire one number,” senior Nathan Parrish said. “It’s really just about playing a game that other people told you that you need to play, and you need to win to be successful; whether or not anything you learn on the SAT is very important depends on your field of study.”

At some point in the halls of South Eugene, you will probably find yourself sleeping in the library, stressing over a test in your calculus class, and almost inevitably worrying about where you stand socially. High school can sometimes feel like a sick social experiment, but it is such a unique setting that you will undoubtedly flourish if you allow yourself.


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