First Impressions

By: Alyssa Gao

This year, many students had to face the challenge of moving to a new school. Freshmen graduated middle school and had reached a more independent phase of their lives. Attending an unfamiliar school was a big change that came with concerns about new courses, teachers, and classmates.

One of the main differences was that South had many more students than the surrounding middle schools.

“The school is bigger, but I like that because there are more possibilities,” freshman Aviv Bernstein-Livne said.

Moving to a larger school also had many social perks.

“I think that there are so many people at South that you’re bound to find someone you like and can be friends with,” freshman Tiffany Huang said.

Some freshmen faced issues with their schedules as well. Bernstein-Livne also said she still had some quirks in her schedule to work out, but for the most part, her classes were OK.

Getting used to a new school could be hard, but over time, new students were able to settle in.


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