First Day of School Around Our District

By: Sophie Pierce

School has started for most major high schools in the Eugene area. We all know about the first days of school in our own high school, but how does it differ around our community?

“The first day IHS of school was pretty fun,” Sheldon sophomore Lindsay Kitzel said. A student in classic Sheldon, Kitzel’s homework load was not “too much so far, only syllabi and worksheets ­– but, moderate, and honors classes have already had a test.”

“This year is going to be very challenging with lots of IB classes to undertake,” IHS junior Andrea Corbin, who attends Sheldon, said.

“The homework load isn’t too bad so far, but I expect in a week it will pick up. After all, junior year is the hardest, right?” Churchill junior Lottie Steward said.

Steward said her first days went smoothly, but “for those changing schedules it could be a little rough, since the classes they want might be either full or conflicting.”

Claire Baboyan, a sophomore at North Eugene High School, said, “Being a sophomore kind of scared me, but now that the year has started I’m excited.”

Marist Catholic School sophomore Ivonne Perez was dealing with the switch from normal textbooks to all iPads and online courses. Perez said, “The iPads are working great and it’s a style of teaching that will hopefully be easier. Everybody is adapting with the help of tools and ITs.”

Apart from a little variation, most schools have the same setup and problems that South Eugene might have, but students still seem excited for the year to come.


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