Skiing to Success

By: Amanda Boechler

The Nordic and downhill ski teams have struggled all season to get practice in. Oregon has had a dramatic shortage of snowfall this year, which has left very few mountains fit for practices and competition.
“We never know where we can train or race the coming weekend because very few places have snow, and even the ski resorts that are open have very minimal snow coverage,” senior downhill skier Cady Pearce said.
Both teams have had to find ways and places to practice. The downhill team was limited to certain practice locations, and the Nordic team even took their ski practice to the coast.
“The weekend before state was a bye week, like always, but instead of going back to Bachelor to get more practice, our coach decided to take us skiing on the beach,” senior Nordic skier Katherine Quillin said. “We didn’t have to do anything special to our skis either. It was just like normal, except a bit harder because there wasn’t much glide.”

The downhill team really struggled to find time and space on the mountain with all the other teams fighting for a spot at Mt. Bachelor, which was the only mountain with enough snow to practice on.
“My favorite part of the season was our camp over winter break, where we stayed in Bend and skied at Mt. Bachelor,” Pearce said. “It was cold, and there was actually some powder skiing that week.”

Despite weather complications, both teams have had successful seasons. The girls’ Nordic team tied with Mountain View for first at state, while the boys’ Nordic team came in second at state. Three of the boys, Sage Fox, Kimbert Robinson, and Elin Schlichting, and two girls, Quillin and Phacelia Cramer, placed in the top 10. The girls’ downhill won districts, and continued on to state at state, while the boys performed well at districts.
“The season went well this year, and I think even though the team was really young we preformed pretty well, pulling out a second-place [finish] at state,” senior Nordic skier Ian Bania said. “Obviously, we were hoping to get Mountain View and nab the first place spot, but it just wasn’t our year to do that.”

The teams are looking forward to next year, and hoping that the snow situation will improve. The Nordic girls’ team will be losing four of their seven team members, and they are hoping to recruit more girls to come out. The boys’ Nordic team will be losing their only senior, Bania. Pearce will be the only senior leaving the downhill team.


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