Basketball Success

By: Miyako Iwata

The girls’ varsity basketball team is now halfway through what has so far been a decent winter season. The roster includes a reliable group of seniors, who are now in their fourth year of playing for South. With a 7-6 record, the team has seen notable improvement over past seasons.
“They’re a great group of kids to be around,” Coach Steve Eastburn said. “The girls have a great chemistry together. They work hard together.”

The positive atmosphere of the team allows the girls to work cohesively, which boosts their communication skills and facilitates more effective playmaking. The welcoming quality of the team also allows players to improve their individual skills in a comfortable setting.
“They really like each other,” Coach Brad Jungert said. “Other teams tend to have factions, but these girls all know each other; they’ve all played basketball together for years. They all want to get better.”
The varsity team is now about a month into their winter season. They went through a tough stretch last week, losing 71-49 against Sheldon, a top six team.
“We competed well against Sheldon. We had opportunities to get back in the ball game until the beginning of the fourth quarter when one of our players had an injury,” Eastburn said. “But we played well, and we played hard.”

A total of nine games remain until playoffs. The next home game will be played on Tuesday, Feb. 3 against Willamette in the Main Gym. Another game against Grants Pass will take place on Friday. Other home games include those against Roseburg and Thurston.
“We got this stretch done here. After this Friday we will be playing teams that are more comparable to us as far as win-loss records,” Eastburn said. “We’re really optimistic to get back in the winning stretch,” he added.
Throughout the rest of the season, the coaches intend to help each player reach their fullest potential in skill set, playmaking ability, and communication skills.
“We have a great group of seniors,” Eastburn said. “I’d like to see those girls grow, so we can send them out on a positive note.”


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