The Yearbook Delay

By: Sarah Tsai

As students finished up the last of their spring term finals and as seniors prepared for graduation, one thing was clearly missing: the yearbooks. After a couple weeks of school-wide confusion, yearbook advisor Bobbie Willis announced that due to some miscommunications and a shortened time frame, the yearbook was not complete and would not be ready for distribution before the summer break.
One of the reasons for the delay of the yearbook was the change in schedule. The new three by five schedule restricted yearbook production to only two trimesters. In the past, the yearbook staff had the entire year to create the yearbook, so last year the staff found themselves feeling very rushed.
“We started to realize that the yearbooks would be late when the second trimester was coming to an end and the official yearbook class was also coming to an end,” the 2014 yearbook editor-in-chief Niharika Sachdeva said. “Overall, I just want South to know that it is a lot harder to produce a yearbook than anyone can imagine…and I hope that everyone can appreciate the outcome because we love it.”

To make up for the loss of production time, Willis had to spend some of her summer completing the yearbook. She even took an external hard drive with the entire yearbook on it to California so she could work on it during her family vacation.
“I worked on the yearbook this summer with Niharika Sachdeva and Sylvia Titterington,” Willis said. “We had to make a lot of corrections to proofs. We didn’t have them as finalized as we had hoped. We didn’t have enough staff during third trimester to get that done.”
The new school year has begun and students have still not received their yearbooks.
“I was pretty disappointed,” senior Sophie Kreitzberg commented. “I always look forward to yearbooks as a way to wrap up and reflect upon the year…I think the student body as a whole was also pretty frustrated for similar reasons.”

The new yearbook staff had distribution days for current South students on Oct. 2 and 3 in the Gym Lobby. Students who did not pick up their yearbooks at this time can go yearbook staff will then mail yearbooks to those who graduated last year.
“We are going to use our postage budget to mail the books. It’s the least we can do,” Willis said.

Although the yearbook situation left the staff feeling overwhelmed and the students feeling frustrated, Willis hopes that this year will be quite different. Not only is the yearbook class a full-year course, but there is also a more experienced staff
hat has started working from day one to complete the yearbook for 2015.
“I am really going to encourage first term staff to stay all through the year,” Willis said. “Th ere will be earlier deadlines for seniors pictures and pages to be done.
There will also be a simplified design to streamline production. We will be trying different things to get more involvement from the student body.”


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