Scholarship Highlight: Beat the Odds

By: Araxi Best

The Beat the Odds Scholarship is specific to Oregon and is available to high school seniors. The deadline for applying is Dec. 19 for Lane County students. Applicants must have a GPA of at least 3.0, and the scholarship is awarded to three different applicants in sums of $2,500. The applicant must be accepted into a two- or four-year college, and the money will be given to the college directly. This scholarship is renewable for up to four years if the recipient keeps a 3.0 GPA and continues as a full-time student. Eligibility is dependent on being a full-time senior who will graduate the following spring (2015) from a high school in Oregon. Applicants must also have found success in academics, as well as helping others through hardship of poverty, disability, homelessness, or personal tragedy. Students must be able to prove a financial need.


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