Rowing Fall Season Comes to a Close

By: Miyako Iwata

The South Eugene Rowing Club just wrapped up a solid fall season. Fall season is also referred to as “head season,” which means long distance, since fall regattas consist of 5-kilometer-long races. In the team’s first regatta, three out of the four boats medaled in their races. The men’s varsity boat placed fourth out of 17 boats in their last race of the season. The novice team was also successful this season, medaling in several of their races.
“Competition-wise, we’ve been making huge improvements lately, but still managed to stay a supportive team while increasing our competitive spirit,” junior and co-captain Maisie Titterington said.
Crew is an all-year sport, and the South Eugene Rowing Club is now moving into their winter season. Winter training involves land training only, as the water becomes too cold during winter months. Winter workouts focus on conditioning the rowers in preparation for the spring season.
“We do a lot more strength training, rather than endurance, because spring season races are significantly shorter. Speed comes more from solid power versus consistency over 20 minutes,” senior co-captain Riley Patterson said.

After finishing winter training, the rowers will begin their spring season, or “sprint season.” Spring regattas involve short distance races of 1 to 2 kilometers.
“In the fall and spring seasons, we row three or so days each week, meaning we drive out to Dexter Lake and work out in actual boats. It’s a great workout,” Patterson said.

The South Eugene Rowing Club consists of about 50 students from South, Churchill, and Sheldon. Relative to other teams, this is a small team. However, the team maintains a positive attitude as they welcome new members on to the team and continue to improve their performance.
“I love the atmosphere of our team. This is my fourth year rowing and this year we have by far the best team spirit yet,” Titterington said. “We always make a point to cheer for every race, and we try to be as welcoming as possible to new people joining because we love to have new people on the team.”


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