Choir Raises Cash for New York

By: Noah Pruett

The South Eugene High School choir is getting pumped up for their spring break trip to Carnegie Hall in New York City. However, with the price of $2,000 per student, they need to raise some money. What better way to do so than with fundraisers?
In recent years, the choir department’s fundraisers consisted of Beatz and Treats, selling raffle tickets for the Winter Concert, and the occasional bake sale. However, due to the New York trip, Choir Council has been coming up with more fundraisers and has been reaching out to the community.
“We’re also talking to the Rotary Club, families, radio stations, and distributing fliers,” junior social media coordinator Daisy Pesak said. “We just need to get the word out.”
Their effort hasn’t gone unnoticed. Last month, the third annual Beatz and Treats took place in the South cafeteria. Choir students and their family members baked enough treats to fill up three tables.
“This year, we raised $966.75 from Beatz and Treats,” junior Logan Hirsch said. “This Beatz and Treats was much bigger and a lot more people came.”

Soon after Beatz and Treats, choir students held a bake sale outside the cafeteria.
After the bake sale, students handed out fliers for the Mucho Gusto fundraiser. Consumers could enjoy Mexican food, and half of every purchase went to the choir department.
The next fundraisers are the Winter Concert and the silent auction. Students are selling raffle tickets for awesome prizes. The winners will be announced at the Winter Concert on Dec. 18.
“Not only do the raffle tickets raise money, but so does the silent auction,” senior choir president Marielena McWhirter said. “This year [the prize] is a trip to Disneyland.”

Everyone in choir has their own personal account for the money they raise through selling raffle tickets and goodies at the bake sale. Students that have not raised enough money or have financial need will be given some of the funds raised through events like Beatz and Treats and the Winter Concert.
After the Winter Concert, there will be the Vocal Throwdown on Jan. 24. The Vocal Throwdown is an event where the participating high schools, six this year, select one boy and one girl to compete in the Vocal Throwdown against everyone else. The audience and judges vote on who wins.
“It is a really fun fundraiser,” McWhirter said. “Last year we raised over $1,600 and we hope to raise more this year.”
Hopefully, with help from the community, choir will be able to raise enough money to travel to New York and put South on the map.


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