Blood Drive

By: Sarah Tsai

On Oct. 24, a record number of 97 people made their way to the Small Gym to donate blood for the first of three Lane Blood Drives that South will host this year.
“We had 97 donors and collected 71 units of blood, and 71 of those donors were first time donors,” senior class vice-president and blood drive coordinator Koko Hall said.
Many students do not donate due to fear of needles and blood; however, those who get over that fear find that the experience is very rewarding.
“I wanted to see what it was like because I had never donated before,” junior Alec Chapin-Jones said. “It feels good to give blood, knowing it’ll help someone. I plan on donating again.”

Despite the need for more blood donors, many students were turned away because too many students arrived at one time, which greatly overwhelmed the nurses who were working.
“So many people were in front of me when I got there,” senior Canyon Travers said. “There were not enough people working, and I didn’t know you had to sign up beforehand.”
One donation can save three lives. The next blood drive will be this winter. Hall encourages students to sign up beforehand in order to miss the rush of students who usually decide to donate the day-of, but walk-ins are always welcome.
“I think donating blood is an easy way to give back to the community,” Hall said. “The South blood drive contributes largely to the amount of blood they receive and gives a larger variety of blood types.”


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